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Our activities recommendations around the area.

  • Visit nearby national parks (Vicente Perez Rosales, Alerce Andino, Hornopirén or Pumalín Douglas Tompkins).

  • Go around the Llanquihue Lake, visiting the places like Ensenada, Puerto Octay, Llanquihue, Frutillar, etc.

  • You can visit the German museum "Antonio Felmer" located 50 kms. from Puerto Varas, in Nueva Braunau.

  • You can go to the Osorno volcano, if it is winter you can ski on it, and enjoy a complete view of the lake. 

  • Visit the Philippi hill where you can climb until you reach the cross, which is illuminated at night. Here you can appreciate the great vegetation and view of Puerto Varas from the hill.

  • From our cabins you can walk along the coast from Puerto Chico, to the center of Puerto Varas. It is very easy to walk around the city and you can appreciate the architecture of the area and its heritage.

  • Visit the Petrohué Falls, where you can walk the trails of the Vicente Pérez Rosales Park (the oldest National Park in Chile) or fish or go rafting in the Petrohué River.

  • Another of the many trips is to go sailing from Lake Todos los Santos to Peulla.

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